The Curriculum

Bilva Indian School offers a curriculum which follows a clear rationale and is aligned to NCERT/CBSE, Dubai and UAE national visions, parameters and programmes. Well balanced and rigorous, the curriculum enables our students to acquire and develop knowledge, skills and values in a highly stimulating as well as challenging environment. It is a rich, varied and inclusive curriculum that acknowledges the uniqueness of every child and caters to the diverse needs of every individual in all spheres of their school life.

The well planned curriculum is delivered in two terms translated into six blocks so that learning builds well, step-by-step, on students previous achievements, in all key subjects. It is evaluated and carefully adapted to meet the needs of the different groups of students across the school. There is a range of resources in the classroom and online which are used to enhance learning and develop critical thinking. There is a systematic teaching of phonics in the kindergarten and high quality literature has been introduced across the school by way of novel studies through which all components of language are taught. A mathematics calculation policy has been adopted across the school which accelerates mental mathematics skills in students.

A (visually rich) environment is used to accelerate progress in reading and writing across the curriculum. The co-curricular activities, sports events, assemblies, intra school competitions, excursions, innovative projects and community service endeavors are all linked to the curriculum and help the students in developing their independent thinking, talent, skills as well as leadership qualities.

The students are well prepared for the next phase of their education, within school and beyond.

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