Principal's Message

Dr. Bogumila Matusiak Varley

I am honoured to be joining the team at Bilva School. As new members to the school community my Vice principal Mrs Nadia Wishah and I have already received a tremendous welcome from both the administrative and academic team. I have been very impressed at the amount of progress that has been made since the previous inspection under the leadership of the executive head teachers and school managers. I have noticed that this is a school that students want to come to each day. Thanks to our high standards of behaviour, staff and students are able to work together in a spirit of cooperation in raising standards to meet the National Agenda Parameter targets.

We want your children to thrive and to be challenged to achieve their full potential. It is my role, ably supported by Vice Principal, my team of executive head teachers and academic staff to ensure that you as parents can expect an outstanding level of commitment and support from us all in creating memorable learning experiences for your children.

We want your children to leave the school being well versed in the skills needed for further study and to secure the best of opportunities for employability. We at Bilva have high expectations of our students and will provide excellent support to enable them to achieve their goals and aspirations.

We recognize the importance of your children having good English, Maths, Science and Arabic skills and we incorporate these into exciting learning activities. In addition, students can look forward to varied methods of learning; including formal teaching, group workshops and practical sessions, We want to ensure that they attain the highest grades in the CBSE curriculum. In Bilva School we learn together and we value your continuing support in being true partners in learning.

We are an inclusive school and we are committed to ensuring that we cater for individual differences in your children's learning.

This year, our enrichment programmes are tightly aligned to outcomes of our school's assessments so that no child is left behind.

We will also be focusing on accelerating your children's progress towards meeting our targets of the UAE National Agenda.

We have several new members of competent staff joining us this term who are looking forward to working with your children and catering for their individual needs.

We all look forward to meeting you and working with your children.

Dr. Bogumila Matusiak Varley


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