House system

House System

Our School House System is divided into Ruby House (Red House), Sapphire House(Blue House), Emerald House(Green House) and Diamond House(Yellow House). Each House Signifies qualities that the children are expected to bring forward - Ruby House signifies DIGNITY, Sapphire House signifies TRUTH, Emerald house signifies VISION, Diamond house signifies PURITY.

Every student is allotted a particular House which has a House Mistress/ Master a House Captain and an Assistant House Captain.

Each House is well balanced with an equal proportion of boys and girls. The Annual Sports Day and many other activities and competitions are conducted among the Four Houses in order to encourage healthy competition.

Along with March past and athletic events, our school conducts Indoor - Outdoor sports activities like: Table Tennis, Chess, Swimming, Foot ball, Basket ball, Cricket, Shuttle badminton.

Winners of the matches that are conducted are awarded with Medals and Certificates at the Annual Sports Day.

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