Basketball Court

A well-equipped, professional basketball court with appropriate markings and three point arcs to facilitate in the all-round development of our students.

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Football Field

The school has an artificial turf football field to give students a professional sporting experience. It is completely equipped with fencing, proper marking and goal posts. A new soccer field and running tracks around the soccer field are being developed.

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Lawn Tennis Court

To cater to and develop our students varied interests we also have a professional lawn tennis court with appropriate markings and ample tennis rackets.

Swimming Pool

Our indoor air-conditioned swimming pool has a shallow and a deep end making it accessible for our tiny tots as well as senior students to develop their swimming strokes.


An extensive and a resourceful library that contains an extensive range of books, grouped according to age and ability, to which all children have access to.

Computer lab

The computer lab is well equipped with multimedia tools that provide abundant opportunities for students to acquire mastery in ICT skills.

Yoga/P.E room

A calm and capacious room that provides opportunity to learn and practice Yoga. A perfect place for our students to de-stress and re -wind out of their busy schedules. It also houses indoor facilities like table tennis, Carom and Hoops.

Art and Craft room

The Art & Craft room has all the required facilities to teach aesthetic sensibilities. Students are taught painting, sketching, block printing, origami, portrait painting, embroidery, making collages etc.

Class rooms

Spacious, well-resourced and comfortable classrooms to provide the right learning environment. ICT resources are readily available and well integrated within each classroom offering excellent levels of communication for teachers. Lockers are provided to each student at the senior level to avoid carrying heavy bags to school

Music room

An ultramodern music room equipped with a variety of instruments like the Keyboard, Guitar, Drum set, Congo, Bongo, Djembe, Marching Brass band equipment, xylophone, recorders, Harmonica, Violin, Shakers, Chimes, Clappers and Hand bells to bring out the budding musician in our students and provide extensive training. New instruments are periodically added to cater to the needs of each student individually.

Canopy Areas

Shaded canopy areas that are used for assemblies and co-curricular activities.

Free flow area

A colourful and attractive free flow area offers our young minds a unique, safe, fun, and interactive play. It is well stocked with interactive and resourceful toys to bring about the all-round development of each student while having fun.

Cricket Pitch

The newest addition to our school is the all-weather Astro Turf Cricket Pitch. It is well equipped with a variety of age appropriate outdoor equipment which is specially designed for use by the younger children. The area also features large, protectively shaded play spaces.

Language lab

A language lab with appropriate hardware and software to enhance student's linguistic skills in English, Arabic and French. The language lab has a well-designed programme for online assignments and extended learning.


A spacious auditorium with a seating capacity of thousand and a stage which is used to showcase the students talent through a variety of activities such as assemblies, orchestras, choirs, theatre productions and conferences. The auditorium has a control room for balancing lights and sound, a large backstage area with sufficient green rooms.

Science lab

A state of the art Science lab with all the equipage and apparatus to enhance scientific knowledge and experiment. The Science laboratory is built keeping in mind the needs of children in meeting the exacting demands of CBSE syllabus.

Aerobics room

A spacious Aerobics room that provides an atmosphere to promote physical fitness.


Our school canteen offers a range of healthy snacks and beverages at affordable prices. Hygienic practices are maintained at all times to ensure food safety and quality standards.

Dining Areas

Spacious dining areas are provided at each floor so that the children can enjoy their meals. The dining halls are areas where our students are able to eat comfortably during break periods.

Sand Pit Area

The shaded Sand-Pit area ensures our students get maximum fun while playing outdoors. It is filled with soft beach sand and has slides and swings to ensure fun filled playing.

Prayer Rooms

The school provides opportunities for children to fulfill their religious responsibilities, which of great importance. Prayer Rooms with Qurans and Musallah are provided for children to complete their prayers.


The school has a well-equipped clinic with a doctor and a nurse present at all times to take care of the health and safety of our children.

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