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Mr. Richard Monteiro is a dynamic educationist
with 29 years of rich experience, having led
institutions in India and abroad. He has had
exposure to different curriculums all over the
world and has been invited to visit Oxford and
Cambridge. He has also had interactions with
students of Eton and the faculty and students of
Lord Wandsworth College in Hampshire, England.
He has a passion for educating young minds and
his message is simple and clear…
Principal’s Message
“ The essence of education at Bilva Indian
School will be the holistic or all round
development of the child where students will
learn through creativity and self discovery
allowing them to emerge as confident world
class citizens.
At Bilva Indian School, it will be our endeavor
to join hands with the parents to instill humility
and respect in the students inculcating the
values of social responsibility, to nurture
these young minds and to educate them to be
positive contributions to society and the world
at large.”
Mr. Richard Monteiro