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Dr. Preeti K Doddwad is a Professor in the Dept. of
Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics at K.L.E VK
Institute of Dental Sciences, Belgaum. With around
15 years of experience in the academic field, Dr.
Preeti brings in a dynamic approach to the Bilva
Indian Schoolʼs educational approach.
She holds various positions at the KLE University
including Coordinator, K.L.E Societyʼs English
Medium Schools, Chief Coordinator-University Cell
for Women and Member of Academic Council. She
is also a Life Member of K.L.E Society.
She has presented numerous papers and have
attended many national and international
conferences that have helped her gain a global
perspective when it comes to education.
Director’s Message
Welcome to the Bilva Indian School.
Bilva Indian School is the latest entrant in Dubai’s
academic horizon. Being a new entrant our
responsibility is quite huge. Every step we take is
aimed at the betterment of our student’s overall
personality. We strive to ensure that our students
are provided with the right opportunities that will
help them to develop their talents and abilities. We
have in place a strong academic and supportive
system that sets the standard for quality. Our
curricula led by teacher-experts in their fields,
provides opportunities for students to excel in
their area of choice.
We believe that we should train our students
to look beyond academic efforts. We believe
in developing a value which will help them in
the choices they make. Our goal and our main
objective are to mould our students to face
the challenges of life in a positive and dynamic
manner. We strive to make them competitive
and we create an atmosphere where students,
faculty and staff thrive. We believe education is
a partnership between the faculty, parents and
students. We welcome you to be a part of this
crucial journey of your child’s life.
Dr. Preeti K Doddwad