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Teaching, Learning
and Assessment in the
Kindergarten and Early years
and how the Curriculum will be
Transaction of the curriculum
• Learning centers will be set up in each classroom
(literacy, math, role play, science, art, reading
corner and building center)
• Provision of a safe, secure, happy and motivational
• Communication through play where children share
their ideas and thought processes with others
• Free flow time where children are given the
opportunity to work on activities of their own
choice, explore and experiment at their own pace
• Students will be given the freedom to play, learn
and make their own decisions
• Teacher will act as a facilitator sensitive to each
child’s stage of development and self confidence
• Children will learn through self discovery
• Children will learn through the senses of touch,
smell, taste, sight and sound
• No controlled environment/children’s creativity will
not be stifled but enhanced
• No fixed/set time table